Paper Accepted! Ear Devo in Toads

In collaboration with Team Toad members Molly Womack, Kim Hoke, Luis Coloma, and Meredith Voyles, we have heard that the Journal of Morphology will soon publish our new manuscript titled, “Prolonged middle ear development in Rhinella horribilis“. In this study, we show that parts of the middle ear begin developing prior to metamorphosis in mid-stage tadpoles, but the ear does not complete development until months after … Continue reading Paper Accepted! Ear Devo in Toads

New course starting at UCR

Today began the 2018 second semester at the University of Costa Rica, and kicked off a new course about Molecular Tools in Ecology and Behavior. We will be exploring the literature on the topic, talking to active researchers, and writing funding proposals to add genomics components to existing ecological work. Students are a mix of undergrad and grad students, and study everything from frogs to … Continue reading New course starting at UCR

Paper published about costs of begging

After 7 years of reformatting, reworking, adding data, and reworking again, in the end it took an extensive literature review of over 70 papers to justify the value of repeating experiments in non-avian taxa about a question that’s been studied over 60 times in birds. But, finally, the last piece of data from the third chapter of my PhD dissertation is finally published, now in … Continue reading Paper published about costs of begging

OTS ETC 2018 Field Course complete

January and February 2018 were 110% focused on coordinating the Ecología Tropical y Conservación course (in Spanish) for the Organization for Tropical Studies. It was an exceptionally great group of 20 students, plus visits from 27 invited professors, all-in-all representing 12 countries. You can read more about the course at the course’s website. “Conocer a todas estas personas entre compañeros, profesores y coordinadores fue una … Continue reading OTS ETC 2018 Field Course complete

New paper in Zoomorphology

Here’s a new paper out titled “Developmental morphology of granular skin glands in pre-metamorphic egg-eating poison frogs”. Its work done in collaboration with Dr. Lauren O’Connell at Harvard, taking the next step from the findings of my PhD dissertation that poison frog mothers provision their offspring with alkaloids. The study shows that tadpoles develop their glands around the same time that we first saw alkaloids … Continue reading New paper in Zoomorphology